Funny Limericks

Here is your hub page for Funny Limericks - guaranteed to bring a quiver to your liver!

Whether you are looking for funny male or female limerick poems, occupational limericks, or some silly limericks for kids, I think you'll enjoy these family favorites - passed down through a few generations of our fun-loving family.

Limericks Laughs
Here's to the males in your world that you would like to poke a little humor towards. Anyone you know with a pair of dentures? Here's the perfect poem!

Limericks for Kids
For the kid in all of us - enjoy these humorous tidbits sure to delight the young as well as the young at heart!

Funny Limerick Poem
I must admit it - this is my favorite clean humorous limerick - and I don't think I'm prejudiced just because my dad wrote it!

Poetry Limerick
Watch out American Idol and all those reality talent shows - if this audience votes the way they want to!

Retirement Humor
Composed by yours truly, here's a limerick to help you say goodbye with a smile!

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