Good Funny Clean Jokes

Seems when you go a looking, good funny clean jokes are a bit hard to come by sometimes. Well, look no further!

Check out each of these pages for some great entertainment - absolutely family friendly clean jokes!

Clean Bible Jokes

Laugh out loud with humor from the Good Book!

Short People Jokes

Not to be confused with simply "clean short jokes", these mini ha-ha's will give you plenty of fodder for your height-challenged heroes!

Clean One Liner Jokes
From the dry wit of Mark Twain to a perplexing question about a person with MPD, these funny one-liners may just come in handy in a moment when you need them!

Blonde Clean Jokes
Of course, we're not prejudiced against any particular hair color! It's just that blonde jokes are....well....funny! And if all of you marvelous blondes out there can laugh along with us - we'll all be a lot less stressed.

Clean Religious Jokes
Religion can produce many ha-ha moments if you only know where to look. Click the above link to learn more about Ghandi and the Foolish Friars.

* Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often - new jokes are being added all the time!

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