Clean Humor

Clean humor can be found in myriads of the animal population, from the Bible, in the daily newspaper, in your everyday all sorts of occupations and situations!

Check out the links below for all types of family-friendly humor to brighten your day:

Animal Humor

A very short book with only 3 chapters - wild animal meets man....and - wins or loses?

Pig Humor
"This little piggy went to market....." read more here about the life cycle of the common swine population. Be prepared - you've likely never read something quite like this before!

Feline Humor
Do you have a cat who "owns" you? This slick salesman didn't have that problem! Read more about how his creative thinking netted him some......

Humor On Line
You've never heard the Three Blind Mice like this before....I promise!

Funny College Humor
Here's a humorous letter exchange between a son and his father after the cold, cruel realities of college life began to sink in....

Funny Newspaper Headlines
These are self-explanatory! However, you may never have seen so many in one place before! Do you have your own collection to add to these? If so, I'd love to see them!

English Humor
Our language is full of grammar humor - but I'll bet you've never analyzed anything quite like this crazy single word that is used in nearly everything we say - with multiple meanings!

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