Funny Letters:
Company Complaint Capers

Ok - I must admit - the writing of funny letters must run in the genes in my family! My wife's family was full of wit in getting a point across - and my own father had a huge funny bone in his body!

Now, I watch my children following suit.

What can I say?

If you have ever been frustrated by a product or service clearly lacking in the quality department, why not complain with a grin?

How might this help, you ask?

Well, here's a short list in answer:

  • You'll let off safe steam about your frustration

  • You'll laugh when you feel like crying or kicking

  • Your letter will be so abnormal, the company might actually reply!

Now, lest you think I write in jest, all of these letters were actually written to the companies by my relatives (I admit it)!

Only the names of the complainants have been changed to protect the obviously innocent consumers.

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