Humor Phone Messages

Laughter along with humor phone messages is a winning combination! It seems we laugh too little in our families these days.

Why not take a boring "daily" activity, and inject it with a little "ha-ha" humor?

Answering Machine Messages

These are original to our family. My son continually makes up answer machine messages - and he sings many of them (he has a great baritone voice)!

In fact, he has made up so many (and not written them down), that we only have a select few that we could piece back together and offer to you.

Remember the days before cell phones when you left the back screen door open so you could hear the phone ring while you were working outside?

And if it DID ring, what were the chances of you getting to it in time? Yes, Murphy's Law kicks into play here....

Here's a phone message that describes that scenario:

Spring Time Pictures, Images and Photos

Spring has sprung
And the birds they are singing
I was out in the garden
When I heard the phone ringing
I could race for the door
And get mud on the floor
But by the time I get to it
You'll already be through it
So leave me a message - just do it!

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Let your answering machine lighten your load and let the laughs linger!

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