Clean Short Jokes

Clean short jokes won't require much brainpower to remember - but you'll sure recall the laughs you'll bring with the telling! Here are just a few itemized by category.

Married Joke

John ran into his newly married friend at the local Post Office.
"So Tim, tell me, how's married life?"

Tim heaved a deep sigh and looked down. "Well, I don't know," he replied.

"All she does is ask for money. She asks me for money in the morning, she begs for money at noon, she pesters me for money in the evening.
Money, money money is all she ever thinks about!"

John responded: "Why, what on earth does she do with all that money?"

Tim answered: "I don't know - I haven't given her any yet."

Face Off

James sported a beard and was proud of it. One day, a random fellow passed him on the street, stared at him, and said:
"I once had a beard like yours, but when I realized how bad it looked, I shaved it off."

James didn't miss a beat. He looked straight into the stranger's eyes and replied:
I once had a face like yours - and when I realized I couldn't shave it off, I grew a beard."

Sporting Scents

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A young football player was penalized 15 yards for a major infraction. His blood boiling, he yelled at the official:

Without a word, the referee promptly walked off 15 more yards. Then he eyeballed the player as he loudly called down the field and said: "HOW DO I SMELL FROM HERE?"

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