Independence Day Humor

Some Independence Day Humor has been around for a long time....but you may not have heard about this one yet!

4th of July Humor

A story was told many years ago about a young Hispanic man who was new to the United States of America.

Feeling a little out of place, but desperately wanting to fit in and learn about the culture of America in general, and the outrageously popular sport of baseball in particular, Jose (pronounced ho-zay) decided to attend a local baseball sporting event. This particular ball game was played on the 4th of July.

He was a bit surprised before the game started to see the massive crowd stand to its feet and begin to sing.

As Jose was not a man of large stature, he became a bit dismayed, wondering if he would be able to see the ball game with large numbers of tall Americanos standing all around him.

As soon as they faced the flag and raised their voices in song, however, Jose was put at ease. How welcoming they all were! Their concern for him touched his heart deeply.

The very first thing that gigantic mass of people sang to him was: "Jose, can you see?"

Happy Independence Day, Everybody!
Let Freedom Ring!!

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