Limericks Laughs

The title Limericks Laughs is so appropriate, because these simple little verses often trigger a reaction ranging from a chuckle to a full-blown belly laugh!
We have passed these down in our family and even created one for a high school literature assignment. Somehow, we never tire of repeating them.

Note the smooth flow of the meter and rhyme and how the poem just rolls off the tongue!

Funny Limericks

limericks laughs,funny limericks,false teeth

There was an old man from Tarentum
Had a pair of false teeth and he bent 'em
When asked what the cost
In case they were lost
He said: "I don't know, I just rent 'em!"

There once was a man from Gorem
Had a pair of tight pants and he wore 'em
When he bowed with a grin
A draft of air rushed in
And he knew by the sound that he tore 'em!

limericks laughs,funny limerick,skunk

There once was a man from the city
Stooped to pat what he thought was a kitty
He gave it a pat
But it wasn't a cat-
They buried his clothes - what a pity!

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