Valentine Humor:
Only Those Who Fill The Bill Need Apply!

Do you need a little Valentine Humor? Read on to find out what a daughter wrote for her dad to submit to E-Harmony - that online dating service you may have heard about.

Her mother had died, and she wanted to encourage her dad to get into the dating scene again in hopes of resolving some of his loneliness.
He was living with her very active and growing family.

Here's the Ad she wrote:

E-Harmony Ad

Handsome, 72 years young, active, retired, Christian.
Enjoys hiking, the beach, politics, church, family, golfing, movies and sports.

Looking for a single female to develop friendship with. Must be a Christian, a Republican, intelligent, good cook, wealthy and soft spoken.

Must enjoy teenagers, old men, menopausal woman, dogs, drums, rock music, loud singing and occasional fighting.

Must be a decisive woman who knows her mind but is willing to keep it to herself.

Must be a good listener. No "Chatty Cathies" please.

Must be willing to relocate to Virginia and be thrilled about it. If you carry 'baggage' from the past, please leave it at the curb. I simply don't care to hear it.

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This Valentine's Day Humor is sure to give you some bait for that next E-harmony fishing expedition that you (or someone you know) plans to attend!

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