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Blonde Clean Jokes: Blonde Moments Personified!

Hear any funny blonde clean jokes lately? Beef up your humor arsenal with these...

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Bathroom Humor : Real Humor From the Family Trenches!

Let's face it - bathroom humor is a reality of life and not likely to fade into oblivion anytime soon. We might as well....

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Bible Humor: Good Clean One Line Humor

Bible humor is clean humor with a message. These Christian one-liners are....

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Atheist Humor: Only God Knows!

We've got some priceless atheist humor right here! Don't miss this compelling page!

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Spring Fly

Happy Spring, what is this thing? I do not know and cannot lie. They took some butter And made it flutter Oh now I get it! A butterfly! Written on a

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Animal Humor: A Short Short Story With 3 Chapters

Animal humor happens everyday - but sometimes the message is so profound, it needs separate chapters to do it justice. Here's a short ...

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The Girl from Peru

There was a girl in Peru, She lived in a shoe,, So she climbed up a tree, And said hi to me, But soon disappeared to Timbuktoo.

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Late Boy (a Limerick Submission)

There was a boy who woke up late and had a very disciplined mate who tried the best to wake him early and told him to comb his hair which was curly and

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Silent Fart

Silent fart, Deadly fart, All is calm, Not for long

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Conservative Political Humor

Conservative political humor will give you a laugh amongst your tears over the current state of our government.....

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