Dry Sense of Humor
TV Character Classics

If you're looking for classic examples of a dry sense of humor, look no further than some of the great TV classics of all time, and watch the masters in action!

Following is a list of some of my all-time favorites - whether there is a tinge of sarcastic humor or simply a "deadpan", expressionless face, each has the art of dry humor firmly entrenched into their TV persona.

Famous TV Personalities
and Their Dry Sense Of Humor

dry sense of humor,i love lucy,lucille ball and desi arnaz

  • Lucille Ball
    One of the funniest comediennes of all time, this red headed troublemaker played the part of Lucy Ricardo on the I Love Lucy Show , The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour, and also played Lucy Carmichael on The Lucy Show (co-starring the hilarious Gayle Gordon)

  • Desi Arnaz
    Played the part of the Cuban bandleader and Lucy's husband, Ricky Ricardo, on the I Love Lucy Show. His Spanish accent was often the butt of much humor on the series.

  • William Frawley
    Played Fred Mertz, Ethel's penny pinching husband and Ricky's best friend on the I Love Lucy Show

  • Vivian Vance
    Phenomenal supporting actress playing the part of "Ethel" on I Love Lucy (married to Fred)

  • Carol Burnette
    Another very funny red-haired comedienne who co-starred with Lucy on The Lucy show, and later had her own comedy hour. Though often dramatic, she also had numerous moments showing a dry sense of humor

  • Tim Conway
    A co-star on The Carol Burnette Show, this short funny man could have people rolling on the floor with laughter at his deadpan antics.

  • Harvey Korman
    Another comedian who appeared with Tim Conway on The Carol Burnette Show. Sometimes he and Tim Conway together would provoke such howls of laughter from the audience, that they could scarcely keep their straight faces intact. Their misery in trying to hide their own laughter was equally as funny as their inane humor!

Old Classics Never Die....
They Just Create Younger Fans

These are just a few of my all-time favorite actors who exemplify a serious, but hilarious dry sense of humor

My children and I enjoyed these shows when they first aired on live television, and now I watch my children and grandchildren chuckle and belly laugh at even the black and white series!

I have one teenage granddaughter who is crazy about I Love Lucy and has the entire collection- viewing them repeatedly for entertainment and still laughing! In fact, my daughter tells me that her teenage and 20s age brothers will also watch and become mesmerized by the dry wit and humor.

That's why they're called Classics, folks! Watching these shows again and again provide priceless entertainment and make fabulous Christmas, birthday, or anytime gifts! The I Love Lucy collections are well worth your reviews and raves! These shows are timeless and continue to entertain children and adults alike in generation after generation.

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