Short People Jokes:
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This first of several clean short people jokes is one my son made up when he was a teen. We had an extremely short, stocky woman in our church whose name was Emilene Whaley. My son was very tall, about 6'4", and he found it awkward to greet Mrs. Whaley, as his neck hurt from looking down, and hers must have hurt from looking up!

So, he solved the problem creatively - and thus he greeted her with this welcome for years to come.

He got down on one knee, looked her in the eye, shook her hand vigorously, and said:

I come to you
on bended knee;
To ALL of you
from HALF of me!

Mrs. Whaley would always laugh and wave her hand into the air like she was going to smack him!

A Midget or A Dwarf?

No, the politically correct term for a short person is:

A vertically challenged small human of minuscule stature.

Traveling Tales

What is a short person's favorite vehicle?

A Minivan, of course!

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