Clean Religious Humor

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If you are familiar with Bible stories, this clean religious humor will tickle your funny bone!

Have you ever heard of someone who gets things all mixed up - yet they seem confident that they know exactly what they are talking about?

Well let me introduce you to the following gentleman!

An older, somewhat confused fellow was asked if he had a favorite Bible story. He replied: "Of course!" Then he proceeded to tell (and massacre) various noteworthy Scripture passages as he said the following:

Bible Humor

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One day, when the Queen of Sheba was a'comin' down to Jerusalem, she fell among thieves. And they said unto them: "Throw down Jezebel!" But they wouldn't throw her down. And they said unto them again: "Throw down Jezebel!" But they wouldn't throw her down.

And they said unto them the third and the last time, (because they wasn't going to say it any more), "Throw down Jezebel!"

And behold, they rose up and threw her down seventy times seven, til the remains was eleven baskets, and verily, I say unto thee: "Whose wife will she be in the resurrection?"

Do you have a favorite Bible story joke - massacred or otherwise?

We'd love to hear about it right Here!

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