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Did you know that clean Bible jokes began all the way back in Genesis - the first Book recorded for us? clean bible jokes,god created the heavens and the earth Here is the Ancient Creation Story - revisited!

God made the heavens and the earth -
then He rested.

Then God made the animals, the birds, and the fishes, and then He rested.

Then God made Man - and then He rested.

And then He made woman - and since then, neither God nor man have rested!!

Deacon Jones and His Cardinal Sin

clean bible jokes,deacon jones cardinal sin,playing cards

It was an evening church service in a small quiet town, and old Deacon Jones seemed to be sleeping as he occupied one of the back pews.

In those days, some of the cardinal sins were: chewing tobacco, drinking liquor and playing cards.

The message had already been preached, and the pastor was winding up the service.

He said in his usual tone, "Deacon Jones, will you lead in prayer?" But the old deacon was fast asleep.

Then the pastor said in a little louder voice, "Deacon Jones, will you lead in prayer?" But the old fellow still did not respond.

Finally, the pastor nearly shouted, "Deacon Jones, will you lead?"

Suddenly, the old Deacon jolted awake, and not realizing where he was, he blurted out: It's not my lead - I just dealt!"

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