Funny College Humor

What makes for funny college humor? It's simple - just take any number of the prickly situations college students find themselves in. Add a shake of college creativity - and be amazed at how these students seek solutions for their problems!

And the final recipe? Ah, there's the rub. How it ends up depends a great deal on the standards set by the parents!
If all else fails, though, desperate times call for desperate measures! For example:

Are they intent on letting Junior (or Miss princess) learn to stand on their own two feet? Or will that not happen until after graduation (if ever?)

Read below to see a funny letter exchange between a college age son and his dear old dad.

Funny College Humor
Funny Letter: College Style

The image of college life and the harsh reality may be night and day opposites. Here's the picture of what one young man envisioned:

money Pictures, Images and Photos

When reality morphed this vision into a scene where he had little more than a couple of nickels to rub together, this young man took action.

This boy kept his letter short and sweet - hoping to win over
his dad with his desperate situation.

Dear Dad,
No mon ($)
No Fun
Your Son

Dad mailed this quick response:

Dear Son,
Too bad
So sad
Your Dad

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