Pig Humor

Enjoyed any good pig humor lately? I'm not talking about the usual "pig speech" we engage in, including references to:

  • bringing home the bacon
  • pigging out
  • wallowing in the mire (or mud)
  • in a pig's eye!

or any other such figures of speech we use to express ourselves in piggy terms.

Speaking of which, where did the term "piggy bank" come from? If you know, please contact me and fill me in!

Then, of course, we have our alternate language, "Pig Latin", which youngsters love to employ in hopes of hiding their secrets from the older generation. (They forgot that we grew up with it, too!)

Once in awhile, though, the seriousness of the life of a member of the swine family is drawn to our attention. Read on!

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Pig Jokes






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