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Cooking Complaint Capers

What? Funny letters and complaint letters mentioned in the same sentence?

Well, my philosophy is this:
Why not get more rapid and friendly responses while keeping your own blood pressure in the safety zone?

Besides all of that, it's a lot more fun to laugh in the midst of a situation where you may feel like crying!

Enjoy the following real-life complaint letter written by one of my relatives to the following company.

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Complaint Letter

August 9, 1971

Waste King Universal
Customer Service Division
3000 East 46th Street
Los Angeles, California 90053

Dear Sirs:

Several years ago, we purchased a Waste King Universal Gas Stove for our summer cottage. I realize that you do not advertise this particular model as the best stove ever produced, but we did find it to be a considerable improvement over the one it replaced, as it was unhandy to continue finding and carting wood in for the other stove.

We were quite pleased with our purchase, for we had bought it at a reduced price - some consideration being given to us in return for accepting a stove with a small chip in the porcelain. Yea, we were pleased for other reasons.

We found it somewhat easier to regulate the amount of heat reaching the fondue as compared to the amount of heat reaching it on the wood burning model. All in all, we have found the stove to be a highly versatile unit.

There seems to be no limit to the number of things one can cook, heat, simmer, broil, fry, bake, roast, melt and burn on the stove.

You might find yourself saying at this point: Why are we receiving all of this praise, although deserved, there must be something of somewhat closer interest to him that he wants. You are right, there is something else, and I commend you on your acumenical observation.

I do have a problem, and the magnitude thereof is disheartening. All of this versatility which I have got a hold of is virtually useless to me because all five of the plastic control knobs have broken. I am sure you can appreciate my predicament, what with no way of making use of this modern day convenience.

When four of the knobs had broken, we were still making do with one knob by switching it back and forth from one burner to another. The inconvenience, though, did become a bit stifling.

One evening my wife was preparing a six course dinner for eight people, and she had to change the knob one thousand, two hundred and eighteen times.

As you can understand, it is often necessary for us to begin preparing dinner directly following breakfast.

I know you will want to know what happened last evening.

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