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Cool letters from companies you wrote a complaint letter to? You've gotta be kidding!

Actually, no. I am completely and totally serious.

If you haven't yet read the Stove Saga, please click here and read Part I and then Part II before returning to this page. That will set the stage for you to read this amazingly fast return reply from Waste King Universal!

Funny Business Letters:
Rapid (not Rabid) Response

Customer Service Division
Waste King Universal
August 13, 1971

Dr. Alvin J. Haytha

Dear Dr. Haytha:

We laughed through our tears at the sad plight of the Haytha household. Your letter was the best bit of reading we have had in many a day, but we found ourselves tearful when we thought of that left-over vichyssoise and ice cream for breakfast.

Anyone who can write such a delightful letter as yours is deserving of a complimentary set of new knobs for his knobless stove. We are sending a new set of knobs via air mail - no pony express for friends such as you.

Thank you so much for writing. and let us know if we can help further. We enjoy a bright spot in our day occasionally.


Charlotte H. Pownell
Director - Consumer Relations

* vichyssoise (in case you are curious) is pronounced "vishee-shwaz" and is an old term describing cold potato soup.

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