Humorous Letters:
Penn Central Responds to the Sauna Saga

Can humorous letters with complaints really get noticed?

If you haven't yet read the Saga of the Sauna , then please click here to read that first.

Then, return here to read the "faster than a speeding bullet" response from the Penn Central Transportation Company to the sweaty seat sauna customer.

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Train Humor:
The Sauna Saga Response

June 20, 1975

Mr. Alvin J. Haytha, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
Chicago, Illinois 60603

Dear Mr. Haytha:

You, sir, are in the wrong profession. Such a delightful talent for prose that can bring tears of joy (then sorrow) to these tired old eyes seems to be wasted on just consultant work.

You very admirably let me sidestep the rate increase, but you can be sure I'll let you leave that extra Sears Seersucker suit at home as soon as my Mechanical people fix Sauna Car 1625. I understand you have been invited by my Superintendent of Equipment, Fred Immelt, for a personal tour of this car. It has been in our shop, pretty well worked over, but waiting for parts.

The problem with diesel fuel odors maybe a bit hard to overcome - but we'll try. Just keeping doors shut helps a lot.

I do hope we may continue to enjoy your patronage of our commuter service.

Your truly,

K.E. Smith

Train Transportation Saga: Part I

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