Graveyard Humor

Looking for some unusual graveyard humor? Here you go!

There was a man named James Odd (O-D-D). His wife was Sarah. Mr. Odd purchased a gravestone and had it inscribed after his wife passed away. He had their names and dates placed on the stone but, of course, Mr. Odd's date of death hadn't been inscribed yet, because he was still alive.

But it so happened that he and his wife's grave marker became the butt of many jokes by those passing through.

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ODD - HA, HA!!
He must be an ODDFELLOW! An ODD character. How about a name like that? And many similar, non-complimentary remarks were heard and repeated.

So Mr. ODD became so sensitive and incensed that he had the gravestone removed and another put up - the second marker just had the two first names on it - (NO FAMILY NAME). Ha! He at last had put an end to the laughing at his name!

The first person to view the gravestone just stared for a long time, and then was heard to say: "Why, there's no last name on this stone. ISN'T THAT ODD?"

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