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Have you ever noticed that someone's perception about a situation can end up lending quite a humorous bent to the whole scenario?

My pastor told us the following story about the famous evangelist, Billy Graham's recent chauffeuring charade:

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Pastor Humor:
Very Funny Clean Christian Jokes

Recently, the world famous evangelist, Billy Graham, disembarked from an airplane, and walked toward his ride to the hotel. The limousine driver seemed friendly enough, so Billy made an unusual request.

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"I've always wanted to drive a limousine," he said. I'm in my 90s now, but I'm still a pretty good driver. Would you please let me drive the limousine back to my hotel?"

The driver paused thoughtfully for a moment, and then replied: "I guess it wouldn't hurt anything. There's not much traffic on the road since it's so late at night."

Thrilled, Billy took his place in the driver's seat while the chauffeur made himself comfortable in the back seat.

The ride was going smoothly enough, until Billy heard a siren and saw flashing lights in his rear view mirror. He slowed to a stop.

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"Is there a problem, officer?" he said to the young looking cop who sauntered up to his car window.

"Well, yes," said the rookie officer. "Let me see your license and registration, please. Were you aware that you were going 70 in a 55 mph zone?"

"No, sir, I wasn't aware of that", responded Billy Graham.

When the cop saw the registration and license, he excused himself and made a quick call to his superior.

"Look", he said. "I know we're supposed to uphold the law and all, but can't we make exceptions sometimes for REALLY important people?"

"Do you have someone like that?" the supervisor asked.

"Well, yes." the cop responded.

"Is he as important as the governor?" the supervisor questioned.

"Oh, he's more important than the governor."

"Is he a Congressman then?"

"No, he's more important than a congressman."

"You don't mean to tell me he's the president??"

"No," the cop said. "He's even more important than the president!"

"Whatever can you mean?" said the supervisor.

"Well," said the cop, "I think he might be Jesus 'cause
Billy Graham is the chauffeur!"

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