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Christian jokes and humor surround us every day! Not surprisingly, real life tends to throw curve balls at us and challenge our faith as well as our sense of humor on a daily basis!

Ever met someone you couldn't imagine spending much time with? Well, unique people are found inside the church as well as outside.

Of course, just going to church doesn't make one a Christian (or Christ-follower) any more than being in a garage makes you a car!!

My pastor pulled the following from the archives of his memory. He heard this in the very early days of his ministry (and believe me, that was a LONG time ago!) and quoted it yesterday in church for us to ponder:

christian jokes humor,pastor humor

To dwell above
With those we love
Oh, 'twill be glory!

But to dwell below
With those we know
That's another story!

It's ok to admit it - now you really can relate to that, can't you? :)

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