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* Funny Bathroom Humor
* Bathroom Signs

Funny Bathroom Humor

Sure, this is a clean joke site, but you must admit that some pretty funny things happen during everyday activities - and the bathroom is no exception - especially when young children are involved!

Imagine the mortification of this mom in the mall when her young son began a play by play commentary of what was happening in his stall! You've got to check it out - this is a TRUE STORY!

Funny Bathroom Humor: Mall Mom Memories

Bathroom Signs

My daughter's job as a teen was to clean the family bathrooms. This was no easy feat, as there were 8 of us living in the house - and 3 of the 6 children were boys!

She had to get creative and wrap a little humor around a definitive message to deliver with a punch (and a laugh) her version of "proper bathroom etiquette".

Check it out below!

Bathroom Signs and Such

We'd love to hear your (family friendly) bathroom stories and jokes - let's face it - they've GOT to be better than those toilet paper commercials we're forced to endure!

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